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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  January 25, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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question. heavy coats, temperatures have come down even colder than yesterday. especially with the wind blowing. it's at 14 miles per hour. it feels like teens in many neighborhoods. 23 now in the suburbs. new jersey at 26, and 28 in the lehigh valley. sunshine, yeah, bright sunshine. but the afternoon temperatures will peak in the 30s. that's little below normal. the cold winds keeping those numbers down. i'll break your day down hour by hour when i come back with a futurecast in ten minutes. first, katy zachry has a look at your first alert traffic. a new crash, 202 at 422. this is a live picture of the scene. the crash took place, route 22 northbound at 422 westbound. there's a ramp restriction. you see that police are out there. the vehicles, if you look behind me, the vehicles involve read here. doesn't seem like there are many vehicles involved. enough to cause issues on the ramp. if you're going from 202 to 422.
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be aware of that. we have all greens for the drive times. no major delays or overnight construction hampering things. to highlight 95 southbound, the vine street expressway, a 12-minute drive. 76 eastbound, a bunch of construction lift in the last ten minutes. between the p.a. turnpike and the vine street expressway, that's only about an 18-minute drive. to breaking news. a train derailment claims at least two lives. the commuter train went off the tracks in milan, italy. italian authorities confirm at least ten people are seriously hurt. passengers are reportedly trapped. the derailment happened at the start of the workday in milan. 5:01. now that the initial celebrations over the eagles' trip to the super bowl are over, time to get to work. >> the birds began preparations yesterday. today they hit the field for the first time with the scenes from the nfc championship in the rearview mirror. players we spoke with said despite the super bowl being a
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dream come true, they're taking the patriots like any other game they need to win. and yesterday at city hall, crews hung this massive "fly eagles fly" banner in the quad to show city leaders support for the birds. today the city council will pass a resolution to congratulate the team. the eagles' uniforms are getting a makeover for the super bowl. the super bowl lii patches will be sewn on the midnight green jerseys. the birds posted video showing the care and attention given to each and every jersey with the logos on them. don't be surprised to see more midnight green in the stands at super bowl lii. it seems the eagles' fans are more eager and willing to travel to the games compared to the patriots' fans. stubhub released new ticket sales numbers yesterday. look at the states -- sales from pennsylvania are 13% higher than those for massachusetts. the cheapest ticket available is now $3,000 which is down by a couple grand compared to two days ago. three eagles' fans are
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fighting back after negative comments after them hugging vikings' fans goes viral. the women were at the championship game and decided to hug vikings' fans as they headed for the exit. they pointed out only a small group of eagles' fans are bad apples. the rest are like them -- passionate and energetic. >> you know, you can cheer your team on without getting obnoxious about it. i mean, it doesn't mean you're more passionate about the team winning. when i hugged him good-bye, i said, you know, we're not all nasty eagles' fans. he said, you're not, and he said, "go kick brady's [ bleep ]. ." >> we like that. zimmer is the vikings' head coach. they've raised more than $11,000 in two days, apologizing for a few bad fans. remember that nbc10 is the only station where you'll be able to watch the eagles take on the patriots on super bowl. as your official eagles station, we have exclusive access to the birds that you won't find
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anywhere else. join us for live coverage all day february 4th. new overnight in delaware county, a car hit an 80-year-old woman outside the hospital in middletown. this happened just after she was released from the hospital. this happened around 1:00 this morning. the woman was taken inside for treatment. we're working to learn what kind of vehicle hit her. a man is in the hospital with a bullet wound after philadelphia police say a gunman fir fired six shots outside a wendy's on a busy street. it happened after 8:30 last night on chestnut street. the victim ran a few blocks before he flagged down an officer outside the apple store on walnut. no one else was hurt. investigators say the 24-year-old victim was hit in the wrist and is expected to be okay. police are looking for the shooter. new, a philadelphia pizza delivery man is in the hospital after someone shot him in the brewerytown neighborhood. police tell us the deliveryman was returning to his car along
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north hollywood street when two men approached and one had a gun. he got into his car and took off and heard gunshots. a bullet hit him in the hand. he managed to drive back to the pizza shop at 26 and poplar. police took him to the hospital. officers are looking for the gunman. 5:05. 29 degrees. with the jury in place, the trial is expected to begin today for the isis-inspired shooter charged with opening fire on a philadelphia police officer. edward archer is accused of shooting officer jesse hartnett in january, 2016. officer hartnett was hit several times but still managed to open his car door and return fire. authorities say archer pledged alethal injection ants to the islamic state after the -- allegiance to the islamic state after the shooting, but the fbi said he is not part of a terrorist cell. today lawmakers across the country will attend a memorial service for a u.s. officer shot and killed while serving a warrant at a home last week. the gunman opened fire from the second floor of the home wounding the officer and hitting
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deputy u.s. marshal chris hill in the chest, killing him. the gunman, kevin sturgis, also died in the shoot-out with police. investigators say sturgis had two active warrants in philadelphia. today a philadelphia councilwoman will introduce a bill that takes aim at the amount of salt in your food. councilwoman blondell reynolds brown wants the labels to include a warning that high sodium intake can increase blood pressure and the risk of heart disease and stroke. a medical marijuana dispensary in montgomery county could start serving patients in a few months. yesterday the state approved ilara health care in plymouth meeting. it will be the state's third approved dispensary. the company can start selling medical marijuana once growers begin distribution. estimates it will be in the next four months.
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you see we're dealing with a cold wind. it was cold yesterday, but the winds have brought even colder air this morning. the gusty winds will be with us through the day. clouds moving through tonight. less wind, colder tonight, we'll drop into the 20s for most neighborhoods. there are still a few spots in the 30s. 15 mile-an-hour wind, and it's out of the northwest. that's for philadelphia. stronger in philadelphia than in trenton, allentown, and coatesville. even the lighter winds, enough to make it feel cold this morning. 20s for the suburbs. delaware below freezing. lots of 20s and low 30s in south jersey. pittman, mullica hill, 30. piney hollow, washington township, voorheis at 28. look at 27 now in florence and lumberton. pemberton, 26. a cold morning. we will see sunshine. the temperatures will come up. not staying this cold all day.
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the wind will be working all day. at noontime, temperatures will be 25. with the wind, it will feel like 26. even at the warmest this afternoon when the temperatures are peaking in the upper 30s, still feeling below freezing. if you saw a snowflake or two, you were not seeing things. the last of these moving through south jersey. portman city seeing a few snowflakes, too. the light flurries will be out of the picture during the day. sunshine today, warming up to 39. this is the three-day outlook. look what's coming. a nice warmup heading into the weekend. today will be the coldest day in the suburbs. even colder tomorrow. the warmup starts in the afternoon in the lehigh valley. sunshine and dry for the next few days with the warming trend there, too. 50s on saturday. a good warmup the next few days at the shore and in delaware which will peak in the 30s this afternoon.
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a colder start tomorrow morning. the weekend forecast in full for each part of the area when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right. see you then. 5:09. jessica's away. katy zachry is filling in and looking at 202. >> yep. tell us what you're seeing. >> focusing on 202. if you look behind me, it's not just a black screen as it appears. you see headlights moving on. this is 202 at 422. at last scene the crash scene was in the view. at last check, it's still there. 202, crash northbound affecting things on 422 westbound. this is the ramp restriction because of the crash. from what i could see in the camera, didn't look like it involved too many vehicles. my guess is it's possibly clear:is why the scene was so dark. 495 southbound, we've been following this throughout the morning. a crash that closed 495 southbound in delaware, claymont, delaware county has since reopened. philadelphia pike exit 5 to edgemoore road, exit 4, open to business if you're in delaware this morning. still closed, route 42
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southbound. the off-ramp to 295 northbound should clear around 6:00. the area bridges, no scheduled openings now. bridges are free and clear of problems. 5:10. ahead, a survivor's story. >> i will come back stronger. >> doctors told her family that she had little chance of living after being shot in the head during the las vegas massacre. now she's talking about her miraculous recovery. guard your tax returns. w-2s are on their way, and scammers are finding new ways to steal your hard-earned cash. and hot dogs and pretzels and desserts, oh, my. minneapolis is getting ready for hungry fans. the super bowl food that they're cooking up with a philadelphia theme.
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near four month after a gunman shot her in the head after the las vegas massacre, a mother is finally headed home from the hospital today.
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>> even though i will not be the same, you will come back stronger. >> doctors say that jovanna's recovery is nothing short of miraculous. a bullet entered her brain. originally they gave her husband a grim prognosis. she slowly improved, breathing on her own, eating on her own. she's talking about what kept her fighting. >> my kids and my family. i will not quit on them. and i will not quit on myself. >> she also talked about the gunman saying that the community cannot let people like that win, and they can't live in fear. meek mill will reportedly be able to watch the philadelphia eagles in the super bowl while he's serving time for repeated violations. while he can't be there in person, the team is taking him with them in spirit.
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the eagles have been playing his "dreams and nightmares" song to get hyped before the games. there is video from before the nfc title win. the team loves it so much, it's become an anthem for the players. mill is a huge philly sports fan and said, "it lifted my spirit to hear the team rally around my songs because that's why i make music. the eagles have motivated me with the way they've overcome tough situations and injuries to succeed this year. i'm so proud of my eagles for making the super bowl. i'm confident my guys will beat the patriots and bring the super bowl trophy to philly." meanwhile, eagles' safety malcolm jenkins sits down with upper darby police superintendent chitwood to talk about issues that affect community relations. it's part of a series on football players and social justice. 29 degrees outside.
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we'll check the roads starting with the pennsylvania turnpike. katy zachry? >> yes, i want to give you an update. we were following a crash on 202 right at 422 westbound. there was a ramp restriction. that scene has cleared. moving on to the pennsylvania turnpike, also clearing from the p.a. turnpike, some overnight construction affecting things between ft. washington and norristown as you make your way westbound. that's good. 20 minutes, all in the green, between route 1 and the exit for valley forge. the same in the opposite direction. 95 at academy, southbound toward the city of philadelphia, it will take you 13 minutes southbound between woodhaven and the vine. and finally over in new jersey, the 42 freeway is looking good as you make your way northbound between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge. however, 42 freeway southbound, the off ramp to 295 northbound is closed until around 6:00 a.m. >> thank you. 5:16.
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we are dealing with subfreezing temperatures. >> temperatures up and down. let's find out what's to come with meteorologist bill henley with the first alert forecast. >> temperatures will be down even after the sun is up because the winds are up. look at the wind turbines at the linc. they are blowing in gusty winds. cold, gusty winds, making for not only a cold morning but a blustery day today. the good news is we're on track for a weekend warmup. a lot warmer than what we're experiencing this morning. 29 in philadelphia. 20s for the suburbs. below freezing in delaware and south jersey. at the shore, just dropped down to 29 degrees. there's some colder neighborhoods in the city including andora and chestnut hill. both at 26. look at west mt. airy, 25 degrees right now, along with summerton and even center city in the 20s this morning. it is going to be a cold wait at the bus stop. yeah, the flag will be blowing in the cold winds. 20s for reading, exton, quakertown, allentown.
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philadelphia, wilmington, atlantic city in the 20s. trenton, 25 degrees without the wind factor. the winds make it feel like teens at the bus stop. light stuff trending offshore. no accumulation, just a light flurry or two. wet weather in store for the weekend will be coming out of the gulf of mexico. you see showers south of texas. wet weather moving in, but warmer before the weekend. dry, 39. warmer tomorrow afternoon. then into the 50s saturday and sunday with another cooldown next week. the best day for outdoor activities appears to be saturday. increasing clouds, getting a lot of sunshine in the morning. the clouds will take over in the afternoon. 50s for philadelphia, the suburbs, the lehigh valley. a little bit cooler at the jersey shore, 49, winds off the ocean. the rain due in on sunday. a steady rain for much of the
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day. it will only be rain. every part of our area will be in the 50s. there are dry days ahead. i'll show you when to expect those with the ten day on 10 in the next half hour. a harsh reality. philadelphia is the largest, poorest city in the country. that's why nbc10 and telemundo are working to partner with the community to award $225,000 in grant money to nonprofits that focus on bettering our city in an innovative way. the grant money is part of project innovation. the deadline to apply for your local nonprofit is february 2nd. grant winners will be announced in march. for instructions on how to apply, go to our website at a mother murdered. the disturbing scene investigators discovered as they went to talk to her son. think twice when you pick up the phone. a new tax season warning that you need to hear.
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as you prepare to file your taxes, scammers are getting ready to steal your money with phone calls that seem legitimate. scammers can make your caller i.d. say irs. that's where the real irs is issuing a warning -- they won't demand money on the spot and will never threaten you. the biggest indicator the call is a scam, the first contact the irs will make will never be by phone. it's always by letter. ♪ 5:23. a super bowl is nothing without great food. for those heading to the game at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis, you're in for a treat. you've got your regular stadium foods like hot dogs, pretzels, and the like. the super bowl exclusive menu includes espresso a la mode made
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with french vanilla ice cream, chocolate shavings, and mini marshmallows. that's it right there. and for the eagles, the south philly roast pork sandwich made with italian roast pork, sauteed broccoli, sharp provolone on a hoagie roll. took an entire year to put the menu together. >> with the chef partners and our culinary team,est esest tes are -- team, testing recipes, seeing what's local and seasonal, trying them and having tastings to see if everyone approves. >> i would have been happy to come participate in that tasting. if you have a ticket to the super bowl, expect the food to be as good as the game. what's your favorite game-day snack? will it have a philly theme? tweet us. the handles are on the screen. you could soon have all your medical records in the palm of your hand whenever you need
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them. landon dowdy with the story in the cnbc business report. good morning. >> reporter: hi there. good morning. apple is adding a new feature to allow iphone users to store a whole new batch of data on their devices. the medical records that feature part of the existing health app will let users store health records, shot records, allergies, prescription drug lists, and test results. the idea is to make it as fast and easy to access medical records as it is financial and personal info. johns hopkins, cedars-sinai, and others have agreed to participate in a pilot program. all data will be encrypted and pass password protected. wall street looks poised to open higher after the mixed session yesterday. the dow closing at a record high. the nasdaq fell on a drop in tech stocks. you can look for data on unemployment and new home sales. back to you. >> thanks for that. 5:25. 29 degrees.
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a new way to snag super bowl tickets. the talk show host who is giving you a chance to see the birds play in person. >> reporter: good morning, i'm matt delucia live at independence mall. coming up after the break, how the city is hoping to cash in on the eagles' success.
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focus on philly. the city is hoping to cash in on the super bowl spotlight. courtroom fallout. the leader of a university steps down in the wake of a sexual assault scandal surrounding the world of gymnastics. fighting the flu. we're taking you into a tent, a tent where doctors are treating flu patients as the epidemic overloads local e.r.s. good morning, welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. 5:30 on this thursday morning.
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we'll get to meteorologist bill henley. >> cold outside and cold enough for snow. i've been tracking very slight snow showers, really flurries moving across the shore and into atlantic county. just exiting the area right now. may's landing, you might see a flurry or two heading your way. very light. falling into dry air. most of those are not even making it to the ground. cold air feels like teens. 25 in wildwood, 22 in millville. bundle up. in the 20 from the jersey shore, delaware. suburbs seeing colder temperatures. delaware right now is 31 degrees. we will see sunshine. it will warm up to near 40 this afternoon. all day long for the entire area, cold winds. each at the shore, a -- even at the shore, a cold


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